The AKC is an augmented version of the traditional Playmobil medieval play set for children. This digitally enhanced toy environment allows for the integration of multimedia effects to let the play set come alive. It furthermore facilitates playful learning as figures can inform, tell or teach children about the Middle Ages.


W41K is an augmented version of the popular miniature war game Warhammer 40K. W41K automatically and unobtrusively determines the position and orientation of game objects and informs players of game states and rule infringements. The goal is to relieve players of onerous tasks to let them focus on strategic decisions and social interaction.

Warhammer 41K (W41K)

Similar to W41K, the augmented version of Settlers of Catan detects rule violations and can support (rookie) players by providing additional information. The main feature, however, is an artificial computer player component, which allows players to engage non-human adversaries. Using a reasoning engine, the computer players is a very worthy foe. 

Settlers of Catan (SoC)

RFIDice are six-sided dice equipped with RFID technology to unobtrusively scan the results of dice rolls and forward them to an application. We managed to augment traditional off-the-shelf dice (16mm edge length) without compromising their look and feel in any way. Thus, players can use them as before and don’t even notice the integrated technology.

Augmented Dice (RFIDice)